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What can you power up with genus?

Genus generators were designed in order to help private sector as well as small companies. You can back-up your office and home appliances including: Fridge, ligths, computers, stove, computers, pumps, construction equipment and more... You can plug the generator in the ATS (ang. Automatic transfer switch) mode and let it start completly automatically whenever the power goes off.

Great power lies within great wisdom

What makes our generators special

What disgingushes them most is surely the engine designed by Japanese engineers and the high-quality alternator with wirng fully made of copper. All of the Genus generators come with AVR regulators so the power they give is pure and clean. What is worth mentioning is that they:

  • Possess digital panel controlling all the vital parameters
  • Are easy, stable and safe in their operation
  • Despite their surprsingly small measurments, generate great output power
  • Are using very low amounts of fuel prior to techincally advanced diesel engines
  • Save you lot's of trouble, being an investment for years to profit from
  • Look unbelievably handsome

These are just some of the functions you'll be suprised by. Each model of the generator has it own specials and is made to meet wide variety of nowadays needs.

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