The way we work

It is us who put the engine parts together, assemble the alternator and test the proper wiring but it is you who instruct us about generator’s usability and it’s end functions. This way of approach helped us build the generators easy in work and swift in maintenance giving our partners more flexibility on spending their valuable time. As a consequence we listen to your advices, every day, our staff is eaten by the thoughts of how can we integrate and apply your experience into our machines making. We take pleasure in finding new solutions, we know the world’s changing dramatically, literally - every day, and what’s fascinating is that we can take part in this effusive development in technology. We are glad our products bring light into your everyday life, we’ll hope our cooperation to be inspiring unshakable!


Our mission is…

  • To design for you at-all-times reliable source of energy
  • To integrate newest technology achievements with our generators
  • To give your work possibility of attaining greatest potential

Genus’ codex of NINE

1. Listen, listen, listen

2. Treat others as you want to be treated

3. Discard conventional thinking

4. Do not make excuses

5. Put yourself in someone else shoes

6. Correct mistakes, immediately

7. Use an individual approach, be a partner, not a seller

8. Be innovative

9. Be resilent to the ongoing world changes

Who are we?

We are enthusiasts who for the last 9 years have been focused on one idea – developing and supplying great source of energy for our partners.

We are an integrated team willing to support companies all over the world, helping our societies grow stronger and have intact ability to services offered by other companies and creative individuals.

We are advisors willing to help you decide which generator meets your requirements. As easy as it may sound, the task of finding tailor-made generator is not easy, it takes a lot of knowledge about the market and experience which we gained through thousands of cases we had pleasure to go through.

We are you, we know the feeling of not being able to perform at the highest peak of our capabilities, we know how hard it is to find reliable partners to work with, how hard it is to spend our money on something that will bring us more frustration than peaceful mind.

The thing is, in terms of energy supply – the future isn’t bright, there are still many areas lacking an easy energy access and great vast of terrains that are haunted by periodic blackouts. Helping those who need help is our priority - this is what forged our team and keeps us motivated, this is who we are.